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At Lawn-A-Mat we "Say what we do and do what we say." That's why we're the preferred local lawn care company in Bergen and Passaic Counties in New Jersey and Orange and Rockland Counties in New York.

When we provide a no-cost estimate, customers receive the service quoted, at the price quoted. No surprises.

We've been turning dull, faded grass into lush, green lawns that are healthy and beautiful since 1961. We have over 50 years of experience working in your neighborhood, so we know exactly what your grass needs to look and grow its best.

Our employees are certified professionals in the industry who receive on-going training and education in the latest techniques and products in the turfgrass industry. We are members of the New York State Turfgrass Association ( and New Jersey Turfgrass Association ( which promote professionalism in our industry and provide support for turfgrass research programs.

Our approach to service is RVS: Results, Value and Safety.  

When it comes to Results, Mother Nature may not always cooperate, but we've known this for years. We know how to work with Mother Nature to help you achieve the results you want. This may take extra effort on our part and a little bit of patience on your part, but if we work as a team, you'll have the beautiful lawn you've always wanted.

We believe our products and services offer the best Value in the industry. In fact, we guarantee to match any legitimate competitor's price using comparable products and services. When you do a side-by-side comparison of the cost of our programs, products and services to any other local or national service, Lawn-A-Mat is always the best value!

Above all, Lawn-A-Mat is concerned with public and private Safety. It is our policy to apply chemicals only where and when it is necessary, whether it is to prevent or cure pest problems. We are proud to lead the industry in the use of organic-based phosphorous-free grass fertilizers. Although our job may require the use of pesticides, we handle and apply these with care and responsibility.

Our Greenskeeper Program will care for your lawn with a comprehensive plan that is customized to your lawn for the best Results, Value and Safety.


Our Greenskeeper Program has been leading the industry in making lawns beautiful for five decades.


Our products and features offer the best value in the industry. We're  so confident in our service that we'll match any legitimate competitor's price using comparable products.


Safety is on everyone's mind. Our promise is that we'll treat your lawn the same way we treat ours. 

Results, Value & Safety
Our Early Days
My father in his first ad
Our first ad ever in 1961
The men of the 70s
Great granpa showing off his lawn
lawnamat history_edited

Our story begins in Brooklyn, New York, where a young man by the name of Daniel Dorfman dreamed of building a machine that would revolutionize the way lawn care was done in America. 

Dan wanted to build a machine that could apply fertilizer, aerate, seed and spray lawns all at once. In 1961, he did just that. He successfully built a combine machine that was pulled by a tractor and that would change the lawn care industry forever.

Dorfman accomplished a lot in 1961, because he was a naturally-born entrepreneur. He was smart enough to patent his machine and wise enough to open up a business using it. With his equipment he was able to cut labor costs and provide exceptionally efficient service. It was this same year that Dan founded the Lawn-A-Mat Chemical and Equipment Corporation and his business, soared.

Now Dorfman was not a man to rest in his laurels. In 1962, he franchised the business to those hungry for the same success. By 1968, he had sold over 300 franchises all over America.

But Dan, did not stop there. He then founded Lawn-A-Magic, a distributor of lawn care equipment and materials to keep his franchisees in business and of course, keep the money rolling in. 

In 1977, Dorfman's companies fell into bankruptcy. Many involved say he did it at a huge profit. 

It was soon after that a small group of franchisees showed up to bankruptcy court to purchase the Lawn-A-Mat name and trademark. Current owners Rick Catanzariti, Rich Hillmann and Ken Scanlon are proud stewards of the company's  history and are bringing the company forward, offering Results, Value and Safety to every customer.

Rick Catanzariti
of  Pascack Valley
Rich Hillmann
of  Franklin Lakes
Orange & Rockland
Ken Scanlon
of Hawthorne
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