Can I walk on my lawn after your visit?

State law requires you keep animals and people off treated areas for 24 hours.

What do I do with the lawn signs your service leaves after your visit?

State law requires lawn signs to stay on your property for at least 72 hours. Per your contract with our service, you are responsible for removing them. Thanks for the help!

Should my lawn be seeded in the Spring?

When we come for our scheduled service, you can discuss this with one of our staff members and they can evaluate your property to see if it's needed. If your lawn is new, damaged or is heavily shaded it could benefit from seeding. There are some things you need to be aware of though, if you decide to seed in the Spring. Lawns seeded in the Spring have more crab grass and weeds because you can't apply any pre-emergent weed control due to the grass seedlings being too immature to withstand spraying. New seedlings don't do well in Summer either due to heat and dryness. Lawns weakened by Winter will usually thicken up naturally in the Spring, without seeding, but with proper care.

How long will it take my lawn to improve?

You will notice an improvement in your lawn's condition within the first few applications. We do like to clarify that progress rates vary due to many factors (original condition, weather, soil type, etc.). Generally you can expect a gradual but steady improvement over a 2-year period.

How long before the weeds are under control?

Although weeds germinate every day, the goal is to gradually eliminate most of them. Weed seeds are both in the soil and are transported by the wind and animals. After germination they can be controlled by spraying, but they must first be present for us to spray them. Weeds that grow in between services are sprayed during the next application, which may be a few weeks away. Some tougher weeds take just a few applications to clear. New lawns will seem to have more weeds after the first application. This is nomal because the fertilizer feeds the weeds along with the grass. As your lawn strengthens and we gradually reduce the weed population, you will see a steady improvement after the first few applications.

Does pre-emergent in the Spring prevent weeds?

Yes and no. It cuts down the number of grassy weeds such as crabgrass. Unfortunately, broad leaf weeds and dandellions can't be prevented. They need to be sprayed every time we come out to your home because they germinate daily. While the pre-emergent helps reduce crabgrass, unless your lawn is of sod quality some crabgrass should be expected every year, but at a much more reduced rate.

Why don't I see much fertilizer?

Fertilizers have changed quite a bit over the last 20 years. They used to be larger particles which were bright colors like yellow and orange. Now the particle size is much smaller and darker color. About 80% of the product we apply on our yard is grey or brown and blends in perfectly with the dirt. Unless you get on your hands and knees and really stick your face to the ground, you're not likely to see much at all.


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