Lawn-A-Mat knows every lawn has unique needs, but is similar to others in the same geographical area. That's why we developed the Greenskeeper Program.

The Greenskeeper Program is a comprehensive plan that can provide all the materials your lawn needs to become beautiful. That's why we've been the preferred lawn care provider in Bergen and Passaic Counties in New Jersey and Orange & Rockland Counties in New York for over 50 years.

The program consists of six applications with optional features that will enhance the beauty of your grass and make for a luscious green healthy lawn. 

If your property poses special challenges, we are there to help you determine the best approach to make your lawn a pleasure to come home to.

We also include lots of extras that other service providers offer at an additional cost such as: Grub & Chinch Bug Control, Limestone Winterizer and a second pre-emergent crabgrass application.

Check out the details of each of our program features below and remember, we offer no-cost estimates on all of them. You're just an email or a phone call away from having a beautiful lawn!

Application 1

Granular Fertilizer

Crabgrass Control

Weed Control

Application 2
Late Spring

Granular Fertilizer

Crabgrass Control

Weed Control

Tick & Flea Reduction*

Moisture Manager *

Application 3

Granular Fertilizer

Grub Control

Weed Control

Tick & Flea Reduction*

Application 4
Late Summer

Granular Fertilizer

Chinch Bug Control

Weed Control

Tick & Flea Reduction*

Application 5

Granular Fertilizer

Weed Control

Spike Seeding*

Application 6
Late Fall

Lime Winterizer

Core Aeration*

* Optional Services


You water and water your grass, but the dull faded lifeless green never seems to go away.

Just like every other living thing, grass requires more than water to thrive, it requires nutrients too. 

Lawn-A-Mat knows this and has developed a high quality Granular Fertilizing Program that will take your lawn from an unhealthy, faded color to a rich, thick, lush, green that'll be the perfect place for family and friends to gather.

Our Lawn-A-Mat techs come out to your home and provide you with a no-cost lawn estimate. We then determine the nutrients and supplements your grass needs to go from unhealthy to a rich lush green.

Lawn fertilizing is by far the best way to keep your lawn looking like a million bucks. Give your lawn the nutrients it needs with Lawn Fertilizing Service from Lawn-A-Mat.


Weeds. They find their way into your lawn and ruin your hard work. They’re stubborn and unwanted and if left to their own devices, will take over your yard in the blink of an eye. There are hundreds of species with different life cycles just waiting for their turn to damage the look of your lawn and property. So while you breathe a sigh of relief that Winter snow has killed them off, some like the Chickweed, just go dormant and return to life as soon as Spring hits.

Then there's the problem of Grubs and Chinch bugs. These are often the two most damaging insects in your home lawn. Either one can literally destroy your lawn in a matter of days.

Combine weeds and insects and you have a recipe for disaster. Luckily, Lawn-A-Mat can help prevent this awful scenario.

We understand weeds and insects and how to control them. After all, we’ve been in the business of keeping your lawn healthy since 1961. Our solutions can provide relief from all these unwanted pests.
Our lawn techs perform a no-cost estimate of how to control your lawn's weed and insect problem, determine the best course of action to follow, explain the details of the treatment and then, with your approval, begin your lawn's path back to health.


Get your lawn ready for the harsh months of Winter and give it a head start for the Spring by taking advantage of our Lime Winterizing feature.

Our Lime Winterizer will balance your lawn's PH and make your soil healthier. This way, come Spring, your lawn will be ready to flourish and look its best.


Give your grass seed a higher germination rate and more successful growth by Spike Seeding in the Fall.

Lawn-A-Mat techs perforate your entire lawn with a spike seeding machine. This machine produces holes that capture the tiny grass seeds, keeping them in contact with the soil where they'll have the best chance of germination and protection from the wind, animals and run off.

When seeding is done in the Fall, the result is thicker, healthier grass that is more mature before the onset of activity on your lawn the following Summer.

Spike Seeding is one more way Lawn-A-Mat makes your lawn beautiful.


According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2015, 95% of all confirmed Lyme disease cases were reported from 14 states. New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania were on that list and in 2016 the problem in those states just worsened. The CDC reported over 3,300 cases in New Jersey alone, over 2,600 in New York and a whopping 9,000 cases in Pennsylvania.


The problem is so bad that the CDC actually recommends treating your lawn to create Tick-safe Zones to reduce the number of these dangerous insects.

Lawn-A-Mat tackles these pests by offering Tick and Flea Reduction from late Spring to late Summer.

We provide a no-cost estimate which outlines the best solution to reduce your risk and with your approval, apply the best value solution. Protect your family, your pets and your lawn with Lawn-A-Mat Tick and Flea Reduction.


Core aeration enhances the ability of turfgrass roots to strengthen and spread horizontally making for a healthier and better looking lawn. It’s a process that is beneficial for many lawns.

Our Lawn-A-Mat techs employ a mechanical process to remove plugs or “cores” of soil and thatch buildup from your lawn. By removing these cores, soil compaction is reduced allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate the root zone.

Core aeration varies greatly from lawn to lawn.  Many only need it every 4 or 5 years. It all depends on your lawn’s soil profile, slope, shade, nutrients, grass variety, moisture level and other characteristics.

Lawn-A-Mat can determine how often Core Aeration in needed on your lawn through a no-cost estimate. It’s one more way Lawn-A-Mat cares for your lawn to make it beautiful.

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