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We're Done!

For many months now, we have been working on a redesign of our Website.

We wanted our Site to be modern, efficient, organized and mobile friendly. We wanted it to tell the story of our beginnings back in 1961, and how far we’ve come as an American company.

Most of all though, we wanted it to convey our passion: Making your lawn beautiful.

We wanted to give you information about our Greenskeeper Program and how it works and describe all of its features. We also wanted to give you insider tips and tricks so you could water and mow like the pros and do your part to make your lawn something you love coming home to!

After tons of work, it’s finally done!

When you first land on our Home Page after going to the first thing you see is a beautiful, healthy lush lawn that has undergone our Greenskeeper Program. We made a point of not enhancing this image in any way. We wanted you to see what really happens when you give your lawn what it needs through a systematic program developed over years of experience working on properties in Bergen and Passaic Counties in New Jersey and Orange and Rockland Counties in New York.

We also provide you with easy buttons to schedule a no-cost estimate. We put these buttons all over our Site, so when you’re ready, there’s always a no-cost estimate button nearby.

In the About Us tab you learn about our story. It’s really an amazing one! We also tell you about our approach to service and you get to meet the men who are stewards of the Lawn A Mat legacy; Our Team.

In the Program tab, we tell you all about the Greenskeeper Program and its features. You learn what each feature is, and we even tell you about a couple of extras that are really changing the way you care for your lawn.

Our Locations Tab takes you to each individual location Page, where you find images, obtain contact information, business hours, Facebook Page links and much more!

Our Website could not be complete without our Blog in the Tips & Tricks Page. We provide a wealth of information for new and existing customers. We show you what the pros do to make your property look gorgeous and help you deal with issues that we might spot on your lawn and which we think require your attention.

There’s even a Page that lists every product label! This way, you know exactly what’s going on your grass. Like we say in our About Us Page, we treat your lawn, the way we treat ours!

Our favorite Page is our Testimonials. This is where customers throughout the years have told the world, what Lawn A Mat has done for their properties. It is a Page we are very proud of!

And this is just the beginning! We plan to keep adding to our Website on a weekly basis. Providing you with valuable content and information to make taking care of your property a more educated decision process.

This is your Website. Please enjoy it. Visit it every day. And if you ever have a suggestion, drop us a line! We love to chat on the phone, person to person, old school.

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