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This Spring Will Be Tough on Lawn Care

This year's heavy snow pack, frigid temperatures and late onset of spring will have a major impact on lawn care. Although you may not realize it, several things happen to your grass when winter is harsh and longer than usual.

How Snow affects Lawn Care

Heavy snow packs have an adverse impact on lawn care for many reasons. Heavy snow can mat down the grass which often damages the turfgrass blades. Since the lawn is dormant and not growing, it can’t grow out or repair the damage. This will often lead to decay and rot.

Prolonged snow cover will also suffocate the turfgrass because the snow prevents the lawn from having access to fresh air. Although the grass is dormant and not respirating, it still needs fresh air to maintain its cellular cohesion.

Snow cover also creates and traps moisture at the soil surface. This can complicate lawn care efforts in the spring due to the likely hood of disease or fungus such as pink or grey Snow Mold.

Finally, it is not just the grass that is affected; the soil will also become compacted by heavy, extended snow packs. This is especially true under large piles.

How Frigid Temperatures affect Lawn Care

Very low temperatures are usually not a problem for turfgrass in the New Jersey and New York area since the grass adapts to extreme seasonal changes.

However, when temperatures reach the record lows that we have experienced this winter, lawns are sure to suffer. Think about it, we have had multiple days and nights below 0 degrees. That's not just freezing, but 30 and 40 degrees below freezing! These temperatures compounded by all the other stresses of winter certainly will result in damaged lawns this spring.

How a Late Spring affects Lawn Care

The one definite thing we can count on is that spring will arrive...and soon! This means lawn care services will be in a frenzy to "catch up" during the quick transition between seasons.

Make sure you hit the ground running by contracting a reputable local lawn care company that’ll provide a comprehensive program to give your lawn everything it needs to grow green, healthy and strong.

If you need help choosing a local lawn care provider, reach out to us. With Lawn-A-Mat's 50+ years of experience, we know exactly what your lawn needs to start its path to recovery.

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