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Spring Clean Up Dos and Don'ts

Spring clean ups are something most of our lawn care customers in the area do or pay to have done. These clean ups can range from light raking and blowing to deep thatching.

Unfortunately, if a spring clean-up is done incorrectly, it can do a lot of damage to turfgrass and make the lawn look horrible until it recovers.

Here is a short list of dos and don’ts and remember, if you have any questions, give us a call at (201) 891-4131 or (845) 986-8836

The Do's of Spring Clean Ups

  • Do remove any debris left on the lawn from the winter, including dog feces.

  • Do spread out any piles of snow so they melt faster and avoid turf rot.

  • Do have your lawn fertilized early, regardless of clean up schedule.

  • Do rake lightly any areas of matted grass.

  • Do check to see if any overhanging bushes or trees need pruning.

  • Do wait until the ground is firm enough to avoid ruts from equipment.

  • Do cut your grass at 3 inches, even now.

The Don'ts of Spring Clean Ups

  • Don't pile snow on the lawn if possible.

  • Don't create ruts and compaction with heavy equipment when too soft.

  • Don't do any clean up activity which rips or tears the turf grass.

  • Don't use thatching when other less disruptive methods can be used.

  • Don't seed when planning to use pre-emergent crab grass control.

  • Don't cut your lawn low for Spring clean ups.

  • Don't postpone Spring fertilizer applications until after the clean-up.

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