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Red Thread Disease Will Be Prominent this Spring

The weather has been so wet and cold this spring (if we can call it that, really), that we are suspecting that Red Thread Disease will be a greater issue for homeowners in Bergen & Passaic Counties in New Jersey and Orange & Rockland Counties in New York.

What Is Red Thread Disease?

Red thread disease is a fungus that affects turfgrass when there are moderate daytime temperatures, cooler nights and high moisture. The fungi live in the soil and thatch layer and feed off the grass by drawing nutrients from it.

This disease spreads throughout the lawn with spores. These spores are spread by wind, air, water, human traffic and your lawn mower.

How Do I know if I Have Red Thread Disease?

Most homeowners identify Red Thread Disease as “pink fuzzy stuff”. In ideal conditions, it’ll look like small red thread-like structures coming out of the infected grass leaves. They form in spots that are more noticeable in bright mornings when there’s dew.

How Do I Get Rid of Red Thread Disease?

Red Thread Disease rarely does any permanent damage to turfgrass. Depending on the severity of the infestation, at Lawn A Mat we typically try to “grow it out” with additional fertilizer applications. For severe cases, fungicides may be used.

I Have Questions About Red Thread Disease!

No problem! Give us a call at (201) 891-4131 or (845) 986-8836 at we’ll answer all your questions and can even send someone out to look at the issue.

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